Blogging ideas

We have created a number of onsite blogs for clients, and while these have the potential to greatly improve search engine performance as well as bookings, we have noticed that many clients seem to be at a loss for developing content for their blogs.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Recipes: recipes you use, recipes you’ve come across that sounded good that the inn is going to try at some point, recipes given to you by guests or friends (including other innkeepers. Please credit sources.) No poaching of Google images, take the photos yourself or buy from a stock photo source or guests may have pictures to share with you (always credit them) Good images can be obtained for around a buck from stock photo sources. If the recipe is something you serve on a regular basis, highly recommend you take an actual photo or use stock that comes very very close to the real thing.
  2. Recipe failures with a funny story.
  3. Guest Comments.
  4. Your Inn in the News.
  5. Area attractions in the news.
  6. A frequent and Loyal Guest in the News.
  7. Specials and Packages at your inn.
  8. Area Attractions with contact information about the attraction, a weblink, directions and why its interesting.
  9. Area attractions reviews (including dining).*caveat: especially if its dining, make sure it’s a review that a recent guest or guests had and not your personal point of view, i.e. don’t piss off the locals that might refer you.
  10. Trip Itineraries for Guests, make a custom Google map pined with locations (this is free by the way and easy to use)
  11. Pictures of the inn: if it’s food give a title to it if it’s not accompanied by a recipe, if it’s a particular location in or around the inn, describe it.
  12. Pictures of happy guests, with their permission and preferably in writing. If you need a Model Release, let us know.
  13. Area Events going on, you can also tie this into area restaurants having specialty diners or wine tastings.
  14. A brief, “we get frequent questions “about” and put in answers.
  15. What does your inn do to differentiate itself from the others.
  16. You just found a new product you are using it and love, be it food or a new fabric softener, describe it and explain why you love it.
  17. Funny guest stories. *caveat: make them funny and only funny, proof heavily to make sure they are not negative in any way. While a wife going into the wrong room by mistake in the middle of the night may have very amusing consequences, it raises questions such as “Don’t they have locks on the doors?” (even if you do and point out they didn’t lock them)  etc.
  18. Do some food specific reviews. You have a couple of apple orchards nearby. Do some write-ups on the apples, do some research on types of apples, link to sources.
  19. Research and write about area birds that come to and hang around the inns; pictures are always a plus.
  20. Research and do some write-ups about the area plants and trees in the area. You have a historic stand of black birches in the area, some history, background (and pictures) you grow opal basil in your inn garden, tie it into some recipes you use and write about the difference in taste and appearance between that and regular basil.
  21. Ask for feedback, from blog readers and from prior guests. You just went from goose down pillows to memory foam pillows. Ask for some thoughts from people; don’t forget to include the link to this blog article when you do your next email blast.
  22. A bio of yourselves and/or your staff.
  23. A book review or commentary about a local author.
  24. Suggestions for weather/time of year guests. i.e. August is prime season for ticks in New England, add tick repellent tips, wear white, use a good repellent (which we also keep extra of the at inn by the way) etc. etc. On hot muggy days our guests like to go to a cool shaded out of the way place to dip and bring a picnic (provided by the inn as an amenity of course).
  25. Targeted things to do, coming with an elder relative, they might like…. Coming with young children, they might like….Bringing your dog, you and your pup might like……

We welcome additional ideas for blog content, and will share them if you forward them to us.