Need a Consultant?

Why you might:

Sad to say, you are probably least able to judge your website’s effectiveness.


  • You either designed or approved the design of your site.
  • You either wrote the advertising copy or approved it.
  • Your guests probably tell you they like your site.

But how long has it been since your site was designed? If it was more than three or four years ago, it was probably designed for slower speed (non-broadband) connections. The graphics used were a compromise between appearance and speed. And like anything else, website design concepts have changed over time. Today’s sites really do look different from ones designed a few years ago.

Are you a professional advertising copy writer? Of course you know your inn better than anyone else, but do you know the best ways of presenting the information you want to convey? Did you pay attention to search engine results when you wrote the copy? Key word density, the number of times key words appear in text, is one of critical factors in determining page ranking in search engine results.

Finally, of course your guests like your site, otherwise they probably would not have made reservations. You don’t hear from the ones who leave your home page without going deeper into the site.

These are among the reasons why you might want to consider a professional website evaluation to help move your site to a higher level of effectiveness.